day 100

where to begin a post about an ending?

this morning was my last ATM of this 100daysofFeldenkrais project.  I was joined by one of the students that I met through this project who  has become such a wonderful source of support for my practice.  I am still not feeling quite over my cold so we listened to a Ruthy Alon ATM, “rocking”.  What’s wonderful about this ATM is that it is totally dictated by one’s skeletal frame.  In that way, you learn so much about your skeletal self; how long are your arms in relation to your back, in relation to your legs, how can your spine accommodate linking the legs and arms together.  It is insightful.

But I digress…

I’m done.

I’m due for a bit of a break – and even a bit of a celebration!  If you are in Ventura tonight please join me at Cafe Nouveau (corner of Chrisman and Thompson) at 7:30 as we raise our glasses to the man who started this all, the genius way ahead of his time and mine,


can I just add – as a footnote – one of the many things that I have learned?: 

This project gave me reason to seek out the work of my colleagues; I had 100 days to fill!  I became acquainted with practitioners that I had hitherto heard of but not experienced.  And I reacquainted myself with practitioners who trained me as I became a GCFP.  At the moment I feel sad (but that could be the cold talking) about this fact:  There are Feldenkrais Practitioners out there right now and in the past 20 years who have done AMAZING, AMAZING  work.  They have taken the Feldenkrais Method and applied it to sports, children, dance and to life in creative, inspiring and AMAZING ways.  What I am sad about is that the world still doesn’t know us.  And I thought that a project like 100daysofFeldenkrais could change that.  But all those brilliant practitioners, they thought that too.  Frank Wildman, he thought that the Fibromyalgia lessons would break ground for us.  Gil Kelly, he thought that his sports application would break ground for us.  Stephen Rosentholtz, he thought that teaching Feldenkrais to children would help us gain a wider audience.  Arlyn Zones, trained new practitioners in Toronto, hoping that sending all those new practitioners out into the world would tip the scales.

but it hasn’t

so what will? 

I want the world to know of this resource.  I want the world to grow, to evolve, to learn to take better care of itself by each of us taking better care of ourselves.  And I believe, with all of myself, that this method is part of that journey.


living a vital life

this is my everyday run.  I know the route like the back of my hand and I can do it day after day.

Sometimes it’s better to  not “leave everything in the field”  sometimes a sustainable run is a better idea.

I have started a kettle bell class this fall.  I’ve heard (and I believe) that it’s important to do some weight-bearing exercise as you get older.  Truth be told; early parenthood is all about weight-bearing exercise.  My husband and I used to tell our kids “lose weight or learn to walk!”  They walked in their own sweet time…  And we carried them til they did.

My kids are now 9 and 12!  I haven’t carried them on a daily basis for years.  So it’s time to pick up the kettle bells.  Use it or lose it!  And I want to keep my strength.

But today, on my way to kettle bell class, I remembered the club is closed for maintenance week.  So I ran instead.  Really, it would have been so easy to just sit back and enjoy the break but I ate way too much cheese this weekend.

I haven’t been running regularly because of the introduction of kettle bell class and a workshop with Ruthy Alon in San Diego.  And for the record, my aerobic ability is suffering.  My lungs are my Achilles heel and today I felt it.  Time to modify things so that I get running more often.  It takes a long time to get the logistics worked out…

Have a great week everybody! 

Second Chances

hmmm, where to start? or better yet, why?

not sure, not sure.

I and the family are home from a storybook christmas in ottawa canada.  Santa delivered the snow just on time, Jack Frost made a very artistic appearance.  It was beautiful beyond belief.  Memorable.

And so I start this new year not with resolution but with capital G gratitude.

I spent this christmas with my two healthy, happy, gorgeous children, my loving and loved husband, both of my parents (who are healthy and happy!) and both of my husband’s parents (also happy and healthy) and my brother and the lovely family he has made and my sisters-in-law with neices and nephews that I LOVE!  We were altogether at such a peaceful junction in our lives and I treasure it like an amulet to call upon at less peaceful times.

The gifts of this time were thrown into relief for me by the illness of a neighbour and the illness of a friend’s mother.  I was reminded that I am well;  and so are my parents.  This is not something to take for granted.  This is my second chance.  And I know I am privileged to have it.

I don’t know what to do with it; what should I do with my life?!?!  but I know the aspirations will be close to home, love my family and my friends, do not be arrogant, make beautiful things, give to my community, stay positive.

Maybe this blog is a beautiful thing and a giving to my community.

I hope you, my reader, have a year of second chances.

writing after running october 2012

It’s been a long time since I have written a blog post.  And I’m not sure what is provoking me to write one today.  I love to write.  It lurks in the back of my mind, how to compose my experiences, how to tell my story.  So yesterday I found myself logging in to this ole’ blog.  Then my son threw up at school so that was the end of that.

Thank goodness today is another day.  It’s sunny, my kids are in school the house is quiet, noone is watching TV, noone is making a mess that I will have to clean up.  I am drinking this peace like a starved man drinks water; it will not feed me but it sets the tide in the other direction.

Yesterday I ran 5.3 km in order to get ready for a New Year’s Eve run that I will do with my brother!  I am very excited.  Today I ran my usual 3.8km.  I like to write after I run because running helps me compose my thougths.  The footfalls give me repetition and order.

Last week I had a Functional Integration lesson with MaryJo Healy in Ojai.  It was an absolutely perfect lesson.  I met MaryJo at my trianing in Santa Barbara in 2000!  She has hovered in the background of my feldenkrais circle for 12 years now!  It’s about time I had a lesson with her!  I went because I have an old foot issue that has flared up again in ballet.  The toe beside the pinky toe on the left foot hurts!  Crazy specificity!  What on earth could I have done to the toe beside the pinky?!  I even thought maybe it was from frostbite!  Well, MaryJo figured it out in the first 30 seconds.  Seriously. She looked at the sore foot, she looked at the not sore foot.  She said “do you notice how you push your weight into that toe on the left foot, whereas on the right foot your weight comes down mainly through your big toe?” Well, now that you point it out – I do!  And so the whole lesson was about aligning the skeleton better over the left big toe.  I have a new foot.  A brand new foot.  I have been careful with it, checking in constantly with “where is my weight now?”  and realigning, fiddling, being aware.   Overall I feel better distributed over both feet and my hips feel better balance, so not as much pain in my right sacral illiac.  All that in an hour!  I can’t wait to go back, to take all my family members.  MaryJo is a gem!

So my runs yesterday and today were great.  The movement was more efficient and therefore less tiring.  I will be in great shape for New Year’s Eve and I hope I don’t get frostbite.


starting anew

I need to run like a fish needs water.

may 4th & 5th

sick and sick but getting better…

may 3rd


luckily Dan Schmidt sent me a nifty sinus ATM.

whew, the cat did not enjoy that one:  me humming high pitched then low pitched notes through one nostril!  It was a very interesting lesson.  I was reminded that I am highly sensitive to noise, and I love silence.  This lesson did loosen up the concrete that had been deposited in the recesses of my head.

May 2nd

listened to a training tape of Arlyn Zones:

“how do we keep in movement?”